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Your 'Mixed-up kid'

Designed exclusively for Cockapoo owners

Have you got a ‘crazy’ cockapoo? Are they running rings around you and just never seem to settle down when you want them too? Does your cockapoo ignore you on walks? Then I’ve got the training programme for you!!

These sessions have been designed specifically with the Cockapoo in mind. Jo, qualified trainer and experienced Cockapoo owner herself, will help you manage the traits your Cockapoo was born with. The Cockapoo is a crossbreed which is genetically more likely to perform certain behaviours, for example, following a scent. The ‘spaniel’ in your cross was mainly bred for gundog work and this means the breed are often very scent driven. They require more mental stimulation and mental games than lots of other breeds. Many enjoy problem solving or simply having something to do. The ‘poodle’ was originally bred for duck hunting and so water and retrieves can play a big part in this dogs’ make up. They are well known for being clever and good at scentwork too.

Cockapoo’s often surprise their owners. Generally marketed as the ‘ideal family pet’, they are often ‘bouncy’ dogs, with a zest for life, they can have seemingly endless levels of energy. They can sometimes forget your existence when following a scent, or simply ignore you to play with other dogs. I also come across Cockapoos who seem 'flighty' and nervous. I can help build confidence with these dogs. 

Whatever your busy crossbreeds’ needs, Jo will help give you the tools to manage these exuberant behaviours, so that you feel more confident in managing the challenges your dogs’ behaviour brings.

Learn how to get the best from your Cockapoo by channelling the skills they were born to use!


These bespoke Cockapoo 'Mixed-up kid' training sessions are priced at £325 for 5 sessions and include the following essential training:

  • Loose Lead Walking – so your cockapoo doesn’t walk you!

  • Scentwork – to get them doing what they were bred to do!

  • Recall games - so that the focus is on you on walks.

  • Trick Training – to stimulate that poodle mind too!

  • Grooming and coat management for that tricky cockapoo coat.

  • Free clicker, MInd Games booklet, Training your Poo booklet 

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