Do you need behavioural help? 

Some problems require more than training help. Jo takes on behavioural work on a case by case basis. It takes time, commitment, consistency and and hard work to change a dog's behavioural response. Are you are willing to commit to this sometimes lengthy process? If so, then this package is for you.

Please note Jo will not take on any behavioural case without a veterinary referral. 

Sessions include:

  • A minimum of 3 sessions (the 1st to assess the situation)

  • 2 further sessions to put a behavioural modification plan in place

  • A full report to you and your vet 

  • Jo 'on call' for you between 9.30am and 7pm Monday to Friday

  • Bespoke service to suit you and your dog's needs

Behavioural pricing:

£340 for 3.5 hours (minimum commitment)

Further sessions (after the initial 3) can be booked for £90 per hour


Behavioural problems can include: 

dog to dog aggression, on lead aggression, 'hyper' behaviour including chewing, separation issues, more than one dog in the household, excessive barking.

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