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Please note Jo is now based in Croston, Lancashire.

“My expectations were exceeded, both Archie and I enjoyed the sessions and the improvements were evident”

What can Jo do for you?

one to one dog training, camberley dog training

Jo offers One-to-One Dog Training for all dogs. From your new puppy or rescue dog to an old family friend, her training is tailored to your specific needs and is done in the comfort of your own home, where we are able to train in real life situations with you and your family.


Jo believes a 'happy dog' makes a 'happy home' and puts an emphasis on understanding the breed of dog so that you can tap into those things your dog is naturally good at. This helps provide outlets for instinctive behaviours which can sometimes get your dog into trouble. Jo sees it as her mission to help humans understand their dog so that they can build the best relationship possible with them. This means you and your dog can live together happily for many years. Jo's mission is to 


Jo's methods are Positive Reinforcement based, Force Free and based on the latest science. Training is a really good way to build a loving and lasting relationship with your dog.


Training can cover a wide variety of areas from housetraining, chewing, puppy biting, barking, pulling on lead, recall, food manners and jumping up but ultimately you decide what you need help with!


Jo will provide on-going assistance in the form of telephone and email support to help ensure success with your training. 


Jo guarantees a bespoke personal service, tailored to your family’s needs, using the most effective science based training methods. 

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Happy Hounds


Dog Training


Leading the way in family friendly, One-to-one, dog training.


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Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer
Puppy Packages


The perfect choice if you are about to get or have just got your new puppy. These sessions can cover setting you up for your new puppy and what to expect in the first few weeks and then we can work on the training you need to help ensure your pup doesn’t develop any future behavioural problems. If you already have your puppy we can cover all of the issues you will need to deal with, including understanding socialisation and habituation, biting, chewing, house training, your puppy and your children, barking, safe play, crate training (if required) and any other advice you may need. These sessions are tailored to your specific needs so that you can enjoy the future with your new family member.

Adult Dog Packages


The perfect choice if you have recently acquired a new rescue dog (well done you!) or if you just want to train your current family friend. We will tailor the training to meet your dog’s needs. All dogs need help settling into a new environment, let me help make this transition easier for you and your dog. We can make sure your house is set up ready for your new arrival and then focus on settling your dog, making sure he is confident and understands what is expected of him. Training can cover everything from basic obedience to loose lead walking and all important recall, we can revisit house training if needed, you decide! If you are looking to train your current dog (that’s great too!), it really is never too late and you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks! We can tailor the session to your needs. Sessions often focus on not jumping up, good door manners, recall, loose lead walking and anything else you require.

Training Programmes


Clever Dog Company Method Licensed Trainer
Dog Aid
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One to One Dog Trainer
Dog Training Charter

Jo lives in Croston, Lancashire with her husband, two teenage children and her much loved dogs; Wicket (the Cockapoo) and Fleur (the Papillon). When not working with clients and their dogs, Jo loves walks with her dogs and family and regularly enjoys training courses with her own dogs.

In her one to one training sessions and training packages Jo helps you train your dog everything you will need to ensure you can enjoy your dog as a much loved, well behaved member of your family. Her one to one training sessions can alleviate the pressure of a class environment or compliment any class training you may decide to attend. All methods used by Jo will help you build a strong relationship with your dog through a positive, force free, science based approach.

Jo's qualifications, experience and memberships:

Jo is proud to be a founder CDC Method Licensed Trainer. This licence has been awarded to her by renowned pet behaviour counsellor Sarah Whitehead BA (Hons) Msc.

Jo has attended several of Sarah Whiteheads’ Clever Dog Company courses, including the Practical Dog Handling course and the Think Dog! Training Mastery Course in Advanced Practical Training, under the expert tuition of Sarah Whitehead and Stella Bagshaw.


As part of her continuous efforts to update training knowledge Jo is a member of Sarah Whiteheads Inner Circle: The UK’s only online mentoring and CPD platform bringing together and supporting trainers, behaviourists and canine professionals.

Jo has attended training in the States with Dr Susan Friedman and world renowned trainer Steve Martin where she gained a Certificate of Excellence in Training and Management in Contemporary Animal Behaviour. Jo trained Macaws, Corvids and Goats!

Jo has completed the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) Practical Instructor course and the 2 day Assessment and is a qualified and assessed FULL member of the IMDT. In addition to this she has achieved OCN (Open College Network) Level III in 'The Principals of Dog Training and Behaviour'.

As an assessed and qualified member of the IMDT, Jo is proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter symbol.

Jo is an approved trainer for DogAID, training pet dogs to become qualified assistance dogs, in order to change the lives of people with disabilities.

Jo has worked, in Surrey, as part of a mentorship program assisting in classes, gaining and receiving valuable advice and mentorship from a highly experienced, positive reinforcement, force free dog trainer and behaviourist. This hands on experience has been vital in really helping her experience different breeds of dog and how both owners and their dogs respond to training.

Jo runs training sessions each weekday, Monday to Friday and evenings Monday to Thursday. She is DBS checked and has full insurance.

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Jo Traning a Macaw
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Happy Hounds Dog Training


Based in Croston, Lancashire

Tel:  07779 042 289


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